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Big, fun birthday cakes aren’t just for kids. Adults deserve a celebration for their big day too! Custom adult birthday cakes add life to the party with an attractive centerpiece that truly reflects the guest of honor and what makes them special. Not only do these cakes provide a visual delight, but they also serve as a conversation starter, bringing guests together to admire the craftsmanship and creativity. By choosing a custom cake, you’re not just serving dessert; you’re creating a memorable experience that celebrates the unique personality and passions of the birthday celebrant.

Birthday Cake Designs For Adults

When planning an adult birthday cake, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the size and style of cake. Sheet, round, tiered, and sculpted cakes are common options, though some are better suited for certain budgets or party themes than others.

Sheet Cake

Single- or double-layer sheet cakes are ideal for casual birthday gatherings. They’re the most affordable custom cake style. Because they can easily serve 25 or more guests, they’re great for parties with larger guest lists. Though they’re a little simpler in shape than other custom cakes, sheet cakes are a blank canvas. Decorative piping and edible images work well on a sheet cake’s large rectangular surface.

Round Cake

Eight-inch and 10-inch round cakes fit both intimate and larger celebrations. They can comfortably serve about 14 to 21 guests, respectively. While most round cakes feature two layers with a middle filling, a third layer and additional filling can be added for more decadence. From a budget standpoint, round cakes don’t cost much more than sheet cakes. They can easily be dressed up or down, so they work well for any theme. Drip designs with sprinkles and decorative piping are great options for this cake shape.

Tiered Cake

Tiered cakes usually have at least three layers, making them a striking component of any party. Because of their size, tiered cakes can serve roughly 100 people; they’re best suited for larger parties unless your tiered cake is significantly scaled back with smaller individual cake rounds at each layer. Because of their size, they are generally one of the pricier options. However, tiered cakes offer visual impact and endless customization options, especially for a milestone birthday.

Sculpted Cake

A sculpted cake is carved and shaped to look like a particular character, object, or scene. These cakes are perfect if you want to surprise the birthday star with a cake personalized from top to bottom in a theme that is important to them, such as a hobby, film, video game, or vacation destination. Sculpted cakes are the most expensive and time-consuming option, so they require a lot of advance planning. However, these cakes are guaranteed to wow every guest at the party.

Design Adult Birthday Cakes With Frost

Frost Artisan Bakery uses premium ingredients to bake and design custom cakes for all occasions, including important birthdays. Whatever your vision is, we can’t wait to help you bring it to life. Check out our menu to see what cake shapes, flavors, and designs we offer, or reach out to discuss your custom design today!