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Welcoming a new addition to the family is a wonderful occasion, and what better way to celebrate than with a baby shower? It’s the time to lavish parents-to-be with love, support, and thoughtful gifts. Of course, no celebration would be complete without indulging in something sweet. If you’re organizing a baby shower, creating a memorable dessert table with an assortment of delectable flavors and charming decorations is a must.

Baby Shower Dessert Table Ideas

Custom Cake

A personalized round, sculpted, or sheet cake is the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower dessert table. Custom cakes are eye-catching, and easy to align with your theme in both flavor and decoration. No matter what style of cake you choose, you’ll be able to choose the flavor, fillings, and toppings for a personalized focal dessert.


Eclairs are an elegant dessert made from choux pastry. When baked, the moist dough becomes a hollow shell that is filled with a delicious pastry cream. Eclairs and cream puffs, which are just a smaller and rounded version of an eclair with a whipped cream filling instead of a pastry cream, are a great finger food dessert choice that can be personalized with different fillings and toppings.

Custom Cookies

Custom cutout cookies are a classic dessert choice, especially for baby showers. Cookies can be cut into any shape or design and decorated to match your theme. They’re easy to eat and serve and don’t leave big messes behind while also adding a ton of visual appeal to any dessert table.

Mini Dessert Bars

Mini dessert bars might seem simple, but they bring visual appeal and big flavor. These assorted, bite-sized delights are a wonderful option for your dessert table. Often made with fruity and tart flavors, these treats are typically a less sweet option for dessert.


Cannoli are a lovely combination of flavor and charm. These crispy, flaky shells are filled with a rich, sweet ricotta cream and usually topped with an edible garnish. The cream can be mixed with other ingredients like chocolate chips or candied oranges for an extra pop of flavor and personalization.


Tarts are very similar to pies but have a firmer crust and an open-face design. They can be either fruity or decadent and can be baked into a variety of sizes.

Create a Dessert Table with Frost

Have a baby shower coming up? We love to help make moments like these extra sweet with delicious homemade pastries, cakes, cookies, and more. Check out our menu to learn more or contact our team to get started!