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This information is for inspirational purposes only. To learn more about Frost Artisan Bakery’s current menu and custom baked goods, please contact us.

Planning a successful corporate event goes beyond executing the main agenda. Make time for breaks between sessions to grab a snack or setting time aside after the event gives attendees time to recharge and mingle. Whether you’re hosting a brunch or luncheon with your corporate event, dessert should be on the menu. However, desserts for corporate events should balance looks, indulgence, and taste.

How to Choose Desserts for Corporate Events

As you put together a menu for your event, consider incorporating dishes and desserts that offer:


Instead of serving a single dessert, provide attendees with a few different options to suit taste preferences and dietary restrictions.


Add desserts to your menu that use seasonal ingredients like fruit when possible.


Consider how formal or informal your event is. Formal events may call for plated desserts, while finger foods or buffet service are acceptable at more casual meals.


Attractive presentation elevates even the simplest of desserts. Consider themed garnishes or decorations that complement the event’s overall aesthetic.

Time of Day

Many seminars and conferences occur in the afternoon. Having lighter selections instead of heavier desserts helps attendees stay attentive.

Corporate Event Dessert Ideas

Branded Custom Cookies

If you’re hosting a corporate event, you may be looking for opportunities to tie in your brand. Aside from branded merchandise or apparel, you can also incorporate your logo or other visual elements on custom cookies. Branded cookies build awareness and positive associations with your organization. Cookies are also a classic favorite, aren’t too heavy, and are easy to eat while moving around and conversing with other attendees.

Mini Dessert Bars

Assorted mini dessert bars are a great way to provide attendees with variety without having to serve multiple types of desserts. Cheesecake, cherry berry streusel, raspberry almond streusel, chocolate pecan, and lemon are popular flavors that bring indulgence and elegance without being too heavy or messy.


Cannoli are not a stereotypical corporate dessert option. However, they’re still a great choice. They offer a nice blend of crunchy and creamy textures, come in a variety of filling flavors, and can be decorated with edible accents to elevate the presentation.


Eclairs are a classic dessert made from choux pastry, which gives each eclair the perfect texture—slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Each eclair is also filled with pastry cream, making it a delightful treat.

Cream Puffs

Cream puffs are made from the same choux pastry as eclairs. They’re smaller and rounder with a whipped cream filling instead of pastry cream, making them even more event-friendly since they don’t require utensils.


These Italian pocket pastries are basically mini, handheld pies. Inside their shortbread crust is a cream filling, usually accompanied by chocolate chips or almonds. They’re a convenient option for luncheons since attendees can eat them with minimal utensils and carry on a conversation while enjoying dessert.

Plan Your Corporate Event Menu with Frost

Frost Artisan Bakery would be happy to help plan sweet treats for your corporate event. Check out our menu to learn more about our custom options. Get in touch with us to talk dessert!