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Graduation from high school, college, or vocational school is a big achievement. It’s the culmination of years of hard work, and such a major milestone deserves celebration. While traditional gifts are always appreciated, why not sweeten the festivities with a graduation gift basket with delectable desserts inside? Gourmet goodies personalized for your graduate add a special touch to your gifts and show just how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Custom Cutout Cookies

Cutout cookies are a classic dessert for any occasion. They’re a great custom choice for graduations since there are endless possibilities for designs. Popular options include diplomas, graduation caps, or the graduate’s initials decorated in the school’s colors. If your college graduate has a specific career in mind, you can add cookies that represent the job, such as sports equipment for a gym teacher or scrubs for a nurse.

Cake Truffles

If you’ve ever had a cake pop before, you’ll know what a cake truffle is since they’re the same treat without the stick. These decadent bite-size treats are made from crumbled cake mixed with frosting, formed into balls, and dipped in melted chocolate. Cake truffles can easily be dressed up for graduation using a square piece of chocolate and a piped tassel to create a graduation cap. You can also use icing to write the graduation year on the truffles.


Cannoli have a crunchy shell and creamy sweet ricotta filling that can be mixed with chocolate chips, candied orange, or almonds for an added punch of flavor. On their own, cannoli look a bit like a rolled-up diploma. To replicate this look for a graduation gift basket, order cannoli from a local baker and buy ribbon that matches your graduate’s school colors. Tie the colored ribbon around each cannoli into a bow to enhance the diploma-like look.


Cupcakes are a popular, fun, and festive dessert. They’re the perfect portion of cake, frosting, and sometimes fillings, all of which come in a variety of flavors. Cupcakes are also really easy to customize. Bakers can use graduation-themed or colored wrappers and toppers to celebrate your graduate in style. Design ideas include monograms for the graduate’s degree title, class year, or school mascot.

Celebrate Your Graduate With Frost

Our display cases are stocked with delicious homemade desserts for any event, including graduations. Whether you need custom graduation party desserts or want to package some sweet treats into a graduation gift basket, Frost has you covered. Stop in or reach out to talk dessert with our team! Check out our menu to get started.