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This information is for inspirational purposes only. To learn more about Frost Artisan Bakery’s current menu and custom baked goods, please contact us.

Dessert is a staple of any reception. And while a traditional cake makes for a beautiful centerpiece, it’s not for everyone. As modern trends become more popular, some couples are turning to alternative wedding dessert options to celebrate their special day. Whether you and your spouse-to-be crave lighter options, want a more playful dessert spread, or simply aren’t fans of cake, there are plenty of other delicious wedding desserts to display and share at your reception.

Choux Desserts

Choux desserts like long eclairs and smaller cream puffs are crowd-pleasing classic French pastries. Both pastries are made from choux dough, which has a crisp exterior and pillowy interior once baked. Eclairs are typically filled with a sweet pastry cream while cream puffs are often filled with whipped cream. Both are deliciously light, airy, and elegant, making them a great alternative to cake at a wedding.

Elegant display options include:

    • Creating a croquembouche, or cream puff tower, using cream puffs piled into a cone and bound with spun sugar or caramel
    • Filling decorative baskets with cream puffs and eclairs for a rustic look
    • Using tiered trays to display cream puffs and eclairs on vintage plates

Custom Cookies

Cutout cookies are the perfect dessert alternative for couples looking for a super personalized treat. The only limit for cutout cookie designs is your imagination, as bakers can create any shape or design you desire. From wedding attire silhouettes to rings, monograms, hearts, and much more, every theme can be represented in custom cookies. Plus, they can be left out throughout your reception.

Some custom cutout cookie display options include:

    • Arranging cookies on tiered stands or platters to add height to your display table
    • Displaying cutouts in clear containers or decorative boxes
    • Hanging cookies on a tree (especially cute for winter weddings)


If you like cake but don’t want a large traditional cake and prefer to have a variety of smaller options, cupcakes are for you. These handheld desserts can feature designs ranging from vintage wedding cake piping and pearls to funky flowers in vibrant colors. For extra decadence, add specialty fillings or frostings.

There are a few popular ways to display wedding cupcakes, such as:

    • Using a multi-tier stand to create a cupcake tower with a special newlywed cake or pair of cupcakes on top
    • Arranging cupcakes to write the newlywed’s name, the wedding date, or other short message
    • Displaying cupcakes on platters for quick grab-and-go access


Cannoli might not be your first thought for an alternative to a wedding cake. However, they’re a scrumptious treat that can be dressed up to suit your wedding’s aesthetic. The crunchy shell is filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate chips, candied oranges, or almonds, making for a wonderful combination of textures and flavors that guests are sure to love.

Some display options include:

    • Stacking cannoli into a pyramid and accenting with fresh flowers or greenery
    • Using a tiered stand to create a cannoli tower
    • Arranging several cannoli together in small groups on a platter and piping flowers onto each cannoli so that when grouped together, they resemble a bouquet of flowers

Plan Alternative Wedding Desserts With Frost

One of the best parts of our job is helping couples create their dream wedding desserts, even if cake isn’t their preference. Our menu is filled with tons of alternatives to wedding cake! We’d be happy to review our menu with you, narrow down options, and start working on a custom design. Let’s talk dessert soon.