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Wedding favors are the perfect way to express heartfelt gratitude to the guests who helped you celebrate your marriage. These small, thoughtful tokens of appreciation are timeless. While there are all sorts of keepsakes to consider, edible wedding favors are becoming a favorite among newlyweds and their guests. Not only are these sweet treats highly customizable, but you can also count on them to be a hit with friends and family of all ages.

Why Edible Wedding Favors at Your Wedding?

If you want to gift something a little more out of the box than photo frames, candles, wine glasses, or other collectibles, unique edible wedding favors are the way to go. Food wedding favors can be easily customized to match any theme and can even reflect your love story. Imagine sharing that special dessert you and yours had on your first date or getaway. Sharing those memories with your guests is what your wedding is all about!

Edible Wedding Favors

Custom Cookies

Cutout cookies are a super tasty and classy choice for your food wedding favors. They can be baked into all sorts of shapes and endlessly personalized with toppings, decorative script, or piping.

Choose cutout cookies in the shape of hearts, engagement rings, champagne flutes, or basic geometric shapes and adorn them with written messages, your and your partner’s names, or the date of your wedding.

If you’re known for your creativity, cookie-decorating kits are a fun way to get your guests involved. Have a bakery bag cookies baked into shapes with assorted colored icings in piping bags.

Cake Truffles

Decadent and elegant yet simple, cake truffles are the perfect bite at the end of a reception. They fit into any aesthetic or theme and look gorgeous in display boxes.

Give each guest a custom box of cake truffles made from the newlyweds’ favorite flavors. You can also make mini bouquets by putting cake truffles on lollipop sticks, adding frosted flowers, and tying them together with a ribbon.


Cannoli are a light crispy treat filled with a ricotta cream with chocolate chips, candied orange, or almonds and topped with accenting garnishes. They can be dressed up to match your wedding colors and themes with almond slices, crushed pistachio, mini chocolate chips, or maraschino cherry garnishes.

Mini Breakfast Breads

This is an awesome idea for couples with a rustic wedding theme or a brunch wedding. Mini breakfast breads are also a great addition to your welcome bags, so people can enjoy them while packing up the morning after your celebration.

Find Your Inspiration with Frost

Need unique edible wedding favors? Frost Artisan Bakery creates more than just cakes. We customize all sorts of sweet treats and delicious desserts for any and every occasion. Contact us today to learn more!