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Your wedding cake is a focal point of your big day. Not just a delicious dessert to share with guests, it’s an aesthetic point of pride that symbolizes love and togetherness between you and your partner. But like with other parts of your wedding planning, deciding on your cake’s details is anything but easy. From the flavors inside to the design and display, it can be overwhelming to pin down the perfect choice. First, you should decide whether you want a traditional or modern wedding cake. Picking the style will narrow down design and flavor options, helping you craft your dream cake.

Elements of Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional wedding cakes embody timeless beauty. Classic wedding cakes are structured with multiple round cake tiers stacked atop one another, representing a couple’s journey ahead. Covered in white fondant, each layer features elegant, often intricate symmetrical piping, patterns, and floral adornments akin to the small details found on bridal gowns. Traditional wedding cakes are usually classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate.

Elements of Modern Wedding Cakes

Modern wedding cakes tend to feature a lot more personalization and emphasize a couple’s unique story rather than universal appeal. While many still have a tiered design, some modern wedding cakes are displayed as separate tiers, either decorated completely differently or within the same theme. Squares, hexagons, hearts, and other unconventional geometric shapes are common alternatives to traditional cake rounds.

Straying even further from traditional, couples who choose a modern wedding cake typically depart from standard color palettes and piping work in favor of more dramatic, eye-catching design concepts. Textured frosting and fondant, painted illustrations, colorful tonal or ombre hues, and marble effects are some of the more popular modern artistic choices right now. The cake and filling flavors are more exotic and unique too.

Which Style Is Right For Your Wedding?

Modern and traditional wedding cakes are both beautiful in their own way. To figure out which style works best for your cake, consider the overall theme or feel of your wedding. Are you planning for a more classic and timeless celebration, or something a little more contemporary and eclectic? It’s also important to factor in your and your soon-to-be’s personal tastes and style. Ultimately, your wedding cake should reflect what you and your partner want. If you like elements from both traditional and modern options, work with a professional to incorporate the components you like into a design.

Wow-Worthy Wedding Cakes from Frost

One of the best parts of our job is watching as couples and their families see the wedding cake for the first time. It’s our pleasure to create stunning centerpieces for your special day. Find your style as well as inspiration for your wedding cake by contacting Frost Artisan Bakery today!