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This information is for inspirational purposes only. To learn more about Frost Artisan Bakery’s current menu and custom baked goods, please contact us.

Wedding dessert bars have emerged as a stylish, modern alternative to traditional cake stands. This trend reflects couples’ desire to seek unique ways to inject their personality and love story into every aspect of their celebration. Mini and bite-size desserts for weddings aren’t just about visual appeal though. They offer guests great variety, including allergy-friendly options, and are easy to share and eat while enjoying festivities. If you’re interested in having a mini dessert bar at your wedding, we recommend at least five dessert options for guests.

Mini Dessert Ideas for Your Wedding


These flaky, shortcrust pastry shells are filled with a delicious creamy filling. Shaped like domes, pasticciotti are great handheld options for any dessert table. The almond pastry cream or chocolate chip ricotta filling packs big flavor into small bites. Guests won’t have any choice but to go back for seconds!

Dessert Bars

Bite-sized dessert bars might seem like a casual finger food, but they feel at home at both rustic and formal occasions. There are endless flavor options to mix and match. Lemon, raspberry almond, chocolate pecan, cherry berry, and cheesecake are popular choices.

Cream Puffs

Made from choux pastry, cream puffs are a fan favorite. They get their name from how the moist dough puffs up into a light, airy pastry shell with a hollow interior. Each crispy shell is filled with a decadent, house-made whipped cream. For an extra layer of flavor, cream puffs can be dusted with powdered sugar or drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce.


With the right flavors and toppings, cannoli make for the ultimate delight. The sweet ricotta filling can be mixed with chocolate rips, candied oranges, or almonds. Common garnishes include sliced almonds, crushed pistachios, mint chocolate chips, and chopped maraschino cherries. Crust, filling, and topping options offer truly custom flavor combinations that can fit into any wedding theme or aesthetic.

Cake Truffles

Cake truffles are the perfect bite-size finger desserts for weddings. Each sphere is made from crumbled cake mixed with frosting before being coated with chocolate. Drizzles and toppings can add an extra flavor element and a nod to the wedding theme.

Plan Mini Desserts for Your Wedding

Frost Artisan Bakery’s bakers and artists create unforgettable desserts for all kinds of occasions, including wedding dessert bars. We’d love the chance to help you plan a menu that tells the story of your love and offers an incredible display for guests to enjoy. Contact us today to get started!