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This information is for inspirational purposes only. To learn more about Frost Artisan Bakery’s current menu and custom baked goods, please contact us.

In 2024, wedding cakes are all about celebrating a couple’s love story with creative flair. From minimalist masterpieces to show-stopping spectacles, this year’s wedding cakes focus on personalization and originality. At Frost Artisan Bakery, our designers bring your vision to life with their expertise. But if you need a little inspiration for your wedding dessert, consider some of this year’s top wedding cake trends.

Current Wedding Cake Trends

Florals, Florals, and More Florals

From fresh blossoms to pressed florals to sugar and gum paste sculpted botanicals, couples love this nature-inspired, whimsical look right now. Many custom wedding cakes use the same flowers featured in bouquets and arrangements as the cake’s focal point. Other wedding cakes take a more-is-more approach, completely covering the cake from top to bottom with an array of flowers.

Classic Vintage Piping

Extravagant, retro ruffles are back. This wedding cake trend, which was last popular in the 80s and 90s, sees wedding cakes layered with beautifully detailed piped frosting. Cake artists use different piping tips to create intricate lines, shells, and curves on the cake. This trend is very popular on heart-shaped wedding cakes, which are also in for 2024.

Modern Minimalism

Despite some of the more maximalist cake trends in 2024, minimalist designs are still prominent this year. These sleek cakes embrace simple elegance and clean designs. Couples who appreciate the less-is-more lifestyle will lean toward the subtlety and beauty of a straightforward design that allows high-quality ingredients, flavors, and techniques to shine.

Textures and Dimensions

Both simple and opulent cakes in 2024 will see a fair share of textured elements prominently featured. Accents like intricate ruffles, delicate lace patterns, or stenciled fondant create beautiful dimension. Smooth surfaces reflect light uniformly, which creates a flatter appearance. On the other hand, textured surfaces absorb and scatter light differently for more dynamic visual appeal.

Tone-On-Tone Concepts

Tone-on-tone is a technique that uses variations of a single color to create subtle contrast. Think of it as a very delicate ombre effect. This year, this technique will be paired with simpler wedding cake designs to produce a slight gradient down cake tiers. Many couples who choose this trend also include a textured element, such as stenciled fondant, to create patterns within that same color palette.

Ribbons and Bows

Whether it’s many small ribbons or a single large bow, these design elements are extremely trendy this year. The popularity of ribbons and bows aligns with the resurgence of other vintage cake trends. Depending on how they’re used, they can transform a cake into something super chic or fun and eccentric.

Metallic Accents

Silver and gold metallics add nuanced glamor to any wedding cake design. These accents are popular with geometric cakes but they can also be used to accentuate other design elements. For example, adding gold leaf to the tips of flowers or a silver shimmer to a large bow on a cake allows these additions to stand out even more.